Highlights of 2022

Patrons For Peace Project was very busy this past year. We tried very hard not to allow the COVID-19 Pandemic’s residual effects to interfere with the services that we wanted to provide on a timely basis to each client. Once again, we want to thank Bob Reilly for the incredible services which he continues to provide to each client including transportation and walking people through the maze at Social Service agencies.

2022 was a year that we were fortunate to be able to help many women. An elderly woman on the verge of being unhoused was referred to us early in the year. She was unable to fully care for herself. She reported being in special education while growing up. She fell through the cracks and the school system failed to get her DDA services. This was a tragedy since she needed so many services and no one was there to assist her. We are so proud to report that we were able to hire an expert, Dr. Ronald S. Federici, a Clinical Developmental Neuropsychologist, who is world-renowned. He assessed her and his final report helped us to convince DDA that she should be eligible for their services.

 We were able to also help stabilize and house a woman who was experiencing psychosis. She was found in a laundromat and had been floating around the country. She would sleep in bushes at night near a library. Sadly, this lady would end up in emergency rooms all over the country and then would be discharged to the street or a shelter where she would walk out. We hospitalized her and then followed her when she was put in a crisis bed.  We met with her and set up the necessary services. Then we applied for disability and eventually we were able to get her into psychiatric housing.

We were able to get SSI for a chronically unhoused middle-aged woman who had been on the streets for many years. We took her to doctor’s appointments and paid for her phone until her benefits came in.

We helped to stabilize an unhoused woman who was living in an abandoned car with her cat. She was very fearful and reluctant at first to accept help from our organization. In time she slowly started to trust us, and we were then able to get her needed medical treatment. We are happy to report she is now permanently housed.

We assisted many people who needed psychiatric, and substance use disorder stabilization. Once they were medically stabilized, we helped them to get into halfway houses and funded their program fee until they could secure a job.