Recent Happenings

Here are some recent happenings in the Laurel community:

  • Purchased a tent for a man asked to leave the shelter due to problems
  • Paid rent for a man who was living in a tent and tried to live in a rooming house temporarily
  • Paid for a cane for a homeless lady who is disabled and needed a special cane
  • Paid for depends and rubber pants for a homeless man with urinary incontinence
  • Paid rent for one month for a homeless 20 year old boy who arrived here by train thinking he had a job connection and it fell through.   Paid for phone minutes and new clothes for job interview- He is now employed and living in Laurel.
  • Temporary rent payment for a mentally disabled man who was living in a tent while he waits for disability
  • Payment to get a homeless man into a sober house for the first weeks rent
  • Helped supplement rent for a homeless lady who entered a halfway house
  • Has helped to pay for phone minutes for homeless individuals who need connections
  • Paid for furniture from salvation army for a homeless woman who was able to move into an apartment
  • Paid a reduced rate for a heart sonogram on a homeless man.  This was a necessary step for his application for SSI payment.  His PAC insurance does not cover the test.

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