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Highlights of Our Work

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  • The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a new wave of problems for Laurel’s unhoused population. We are seeking unique ways to help the most vulnerable population in Laurel. Daily we hand out masks, arrange for transportation, assist with housing and food needs.

    We were able to help three men go into treatment programs for chemical dependency. After they completed the program they were placed in halfway houses where they will be financially supported for six months. One of the men has been referred for psychiatric treatment.

    Two vulnerable adults were removed from a dangerous situation with police backup assisting us. Our driver (Bob Reilly) was on the scene to transport them to safety. They both have new places to live.

    Four clients were put into a hotel on a short-term basis while we waited for a bed at Safe Journey House for psychiatric stabilization.

    Phones were purchased for six clients. This way all the clients can be followed by a psychiatric team from QCI Behavioral Health.

    An uninsured woman was transported by our driver for an emergency ophthalmology appointment. We are fortunate this doctor was willing to see her for an evaluation. We are going to help her and work on a disability application for her.