Recent Happenings

Here are some recent happenings in the Laurel community:

  • Purchased a tent for a man asked to leave the shelter due to problems
  • Paid rent for a man who was living in a tent and tried to live in a rooming house temporarily
  • Paid for a cane for a homeless lady who is disabled and needed a special cane
  • Paid for depends and rubber pants for a homeless man with urinary incontinence
  • Paid rent for one month for a homeless 20 year old boy who arrived here by train thinking he had a job connection and it fell through.   Paid for phone minutes and new clothes for job interview- He is now employed and living in Laurel.
  • Temporary rent payment for a mentally disabled man who was living in a tent while he waits for disability
  • Payment to get a homeless man into a sober house for the first weeks rent
  • Helped supplement rent for a homeless lady who entered a halfway house
  • Has helped to pay for phone minutes for homeless individuals who need connections
  • Paid for furniture from salvation army for a homeless woman who was able to move into an apartment
  • Paid a reduced rate for a heart sonogram on a homeless man.  This was a necessary step for his application for SSI payment.  His PAC insurance does not cover the test.

Patrons For Peace Lauches Home Makeover Initiative for Laurel Family

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Fox 5 Recently did a story about Brent Debnam, a 22-year-old Laurel resident living with cerebral palsy and osteoporosis, and the fundraising organized by Patrons for Peace that hopes to raise $150,000 help his family add wheelchair access and an addition to their home. Click here to read the full story behind the video!

This was a Patrons for Peace Project Inc. fundraiser. If you’d like to help Brent and his family reach their goal, please click here to donate now!

22-year-old Man Rescued from Homelessness

One of the first successful projects of 2012 that Patrons for Peace undertook was helping a local homeless man. The 22-year old arrived in the Laurel area when he fled his abusive family, and found nowhere to go.

Patrons for Peace paid for the man’s room and bare essentials in order to get him back on his feet. This included helping with food, laundry, transportation, a down payment and two weeks room and board, and guidance on finding and taking advantage of community resources.

The young man was able to successfully secure a full-time job, which means that soon, he’ll be able to pay his own rent.